UK HDD Intermittent Network Drop Outs

We will be carrying out some work today on the UK HDD node (UK3).Interruptions are to be expected in network and there may be a few phases of downtime while the work is completed. We hope to keep interruptions to a minimum during this time, however, downtime of up to 2 hours should be expected.The work will be carried out in phases over the ... Read More »

13th Jan 2020
i9 Downtime

The i9 was noted as having an unexpected downtime this morning which was in the region of 5 hours. The cause has been found to be a booting agent with the wrong OS image at our upstream.We had not scheduled a reboot so this was highly unexpected. Upon the node coming back up, an investigation as to why it had been rebooted was carried out.The ... Read More »

22nd Dec 2019
Migration From LA To LA

Hello. Firstly, apologies for the alarm caused with yesterdays announcement.As it stands, LA i9 is still due to go down, but there is now ample time to take backups if needed. Many clients have already claimed a refund and left the service while quite a few have decided to wait. I thank you for your patience and trust in us through a difficult ... Read More »

7th Dec 2019
ReliableSIte is taking LA down.

This is as bad as an announcement can get, but we are here now and it looks like there is no resolution on the horizon. ReliableSite, our service provider for our LA server have done the unthinkable and we will soon no longer be able to offer a service out of LA via ReliableSite. ReliableSite was recently contacted by ourselves. The purpose for ... Read More »

6th Dec 2019
France HDD Migration (

France clients on our HDD France node will be migrated to a similar France node also in Robaix.The only noticeable difference would be the increased port speed and the availability of both IPv6 and internal addresses. As before, the host hardware will be a E5-1650v3. All IP will unfortunately have to change. The migration needs to be completed ... Read More »

30th Nov 2019
UK Directadmin Reseller Node Emergency Maintenance

An issue has been noted on our UK NVMe SSD reseller node which will require immediate action to remedy. The node is up and operational, however, the webserver has now had 2 crashes rendering sites offline. Access to the panel to manage sites data and email are still functional but apache will not load sites.As such, we need to deal with this ... Read More »

26th Nov 2019
UK4 Maintenance

A reboot and general maintenance of our UK4 node is needed.
The scheduled maintenance will take place on Sunday 24th November at 12pm GMT.

The maintenance is expected to be in the region of 30 minutes to an hour.

As always, please ensure backups are taken and available.


Kind Regards
HostDoc Hosting Team

22nd Nov 2019

We unfortunately need to announce an extended downtime that is out of our control and at this point can only apologise. All services in Dallas are currently offline. This includes the Xeon Gold VPS range and E3 storage range.As our virtualizor panel is currently also housed on the Xeon Gold, there is currently no access to manage VMs via ... Read More »

28th Oct 2019
Temporary Network Outage - Canada

Today, an issue was noted with our Canada node.
A network shutdown was issued while the work was carried out via IPMI to rectify.
Downtime was approximately 2 hours.

19th Oct 2019
Dallas Xeon Gold 36 Minute Downtime

Our DC have informed us there was an abusive client that was the cause of the 5 outages experienced today that totalled 36 minutes in total. It would seem this abusive client has been present on their network for some time and had been missed until today when the abuser actually caused our network to drop numerous times. Our DC have informed us ... Read More »

16th Sep 2019